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Bronze Package

Check smooth functioning of windows. Including leaks
Inspect caulking around windows
Inspect locks on windows and doors
Check screens in doors and windows
Inspect weatherstripping
Check security of guardrails
Make sure gutters are draining proper distance from home
Check decks/porches for rotted wood and proper drainage
Check decks/porches stain and paint
Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
Check all outlets with an electrical current device
Make sure GFCI are functioning and reset properly
Inspect bathroom vent fan
Inspect showerhead and water pressure
Inspect kitchen vent/microwave fan
Inspect hoses and vents on washer and dryer
Make sure exterior dryer vent is free from blockages
Check furnace and/or ac unit filters
Turn water on/off for outdoor hose. Check for leaks
Check for lint blockage from the basement side of dryer

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