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Handyman Services

​Not all jobs are eligible for our special Handyman Pricing.​ Below you can find several jobs we consider to be Handyman Services.​ If you are not sure if your job is eligible for the Handyman rate please give us a call.​​
We're always happy to help!

Remove leaves and debris from gutters
Install/remove storm windows $10 per window (10 max)
Trim branches back from house and/or power lines
Install window air conditioners ($50 per unit)
Drain water heater for sediment
Snake bathtub/sink drains
Change hard to reach lightbulbs
Program universal/specialty remotes

Move furniture
Recaulk shower
Clean windows inside and out
Clean dryer vent
Wall mount TV
Caulk leaking gutter seams

Again these are just some examples of the type of handyman work we can perform for you.
Please ask if you need something done that is not listed.

Handyman Services are $75 an hour per Panda Home Improvement Employee on site.
The minimum charge is $150.

​Call today to schedule your Handyman Services!


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Discounted Handyman Services can be added to any package!

When scheduling your Home Maintenance Packages or Media Installation Packages you can add on Handyman hours for a discounted rate. It's just our way of welcoming you to the Panda Home Improvement family!
3 Hours of Handyman Services:        $375
4 Hours of Handyman Services:        $525
5 Hours of Handyman Services:        $675

$450 $600 $750

*These prices are based on 2 Panda employees.

We will send two people if handyman services are purchased in advance.

If handyman services are purchased on site it will be the same prices offered on our site for only one Panda employee.

We look forward to working with you!